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Dear friend,


(Project of the Rotary Club of Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale Inc)

TRADERS NEWSLETTER   NO 21                                                                                          25th January 2022

Dear Stall Holder                      


 Best wishes for 2022 and thank you to all Stall Holders who have traded through the holiday season. We expect to be back to FULL market operation this coming Sunday.

Last Sunday, 23rd January, our Market was visited, without prior notice, by an Officer from the City of Monash. This visit resulted from a complaint regarding noise in the market and trading at stalls before 8 am.

The purpose of the visit by the Council Officer was to notify and reinforce to all stallholders that the Market License stipulates “no trading before 8 am” and that any future breaches would result in fines being issued.

In his discussion with ALL Traders, the Council Officer was accompanied by our member, Warren Fricke, with whom you are all familiar.


  • The License condition MUST be adhered to. NO TRADING (sale to the public) BEFORE 8 am
  • Stallholders are in total CONTROL of this requirement, and must follow the rules
  • RotaryOCH will assist by providing each Trader with new signage advising the public of the Trading Hours.
  • Stallholders can provide additional signage at their stall to CONFIRM the trading hours.
  • Set up is unchanged – 6 am to 8 am – NO Unpacking or Set Up BEFORE 6AM (We expect Council to monitor and enforce this License requirement too, with fines for breach of this License provision).

 Stallholders should review & change their set up procedure so they are ready to sell at 8AM – not before.

You might allow the public to BROWSE and have items put away to be paid for after 8 am (like a Lay-By)

IT IS NOT OK TO IGNORE THE DIRECTION AND JUST ACCEPT FINES – the fines are significant; Rotary can also be fined, and we may lose our license to operate the market.


The matter is serious, and accepting the Conclusion is unconditional – NO TRADING (sales to the public) 8AM AND NO SET UP BEFORE 6AM.

The benefits to the community from the proceeds of the market for more than 30 years are immense with 100% of fund-raising being returned to local groups and associations and projects.

The new Market License of 2020 (as reflected in the Terms & Conditions which you have agreed to) and Covid requirements have meant significant change over the past two years, BUT if we all comply, the current License will extend for a further eight years, before any review.

Thank you for working hard with us to ensure the continuity of the Market.

All stallholders must – WITHOUT EXCEPTION – comply with the rules. The rules are EXISTING rules, and we are certain you will SUPPORT the commitment to them.

Our Market and its future depends upon YOUR compliance with the License requirements.

Best Wishes

Rotary OCH - Market Manager


Website;  / Sunday market / stall holders   Mobile: 0466 546 059 (Prefer TEXT)

Post Address; PO Box 100 Oakleigh Vic 3166

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